Decentralized VPN service of a new generation based on the post-quantum blockchain.
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Fully protects you from surveillance by any government agencies, from attacks of malicious hackers and annoying advertising. And also you can access any blocked website.

What you can do with DiveVPN

Bypass of bans

You will be able to access blocked websites in your country as well as to access geographically restricted streaming content.

Total anonymity

With the help of DiveVPN, you will be protected from the attention of intelligence agencies and obnoxious advertisers. Your real IP will never be flagged on the Internet.

Full decentralization

DiveVPN is based on the decentralized DAP blockchain platform. No one is able to get centralized control over data flows.

Strong data protection

Dive VPN applies advanced data protection practices such as onion routing and data packaging. This safeguards your information from hacking.

Modern quantum-resistant cryptography

Our VPN is based on post-quantum encryption algorithms while other VPN services still use the obsolete AES-256 algorithm. Even a quantum supercomputer will not be able to crack DiveVPN.

Traffic obfuscation

Additional features of DiveVPN are obfuscation, spoofing, and mixing of fictitious traffic. All these provide you with the highest level of security and anonymity.

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$ 4.77 Monthly
  • Speed - up to 40 Mbit/sec
  • Devices connected - 1
  • Try 3 day for free


$ 7.15 Monthly
  • Speed - up to 100 Mbit/sec
  • Devices connected - 1
  • Try 3 day for free


$ 31.17 Monthly
  • Speed - up to 1 000 Mbit/sec
  • Devices connected - 1 000 +
  • Available soon